How I easily turned my Dumb-phone into a Smart-phone

Dayne Barkley
Jun 25, 2018 · 4 min read

7 simple iPhone tips to put control back into your hands

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The obsessive and excessive use of smartphones these days is astounding. I can’t imagine what our ancestors would think if we dug them up today and saw that such a large portion of humanity has become so heavily reliant on a piece of technology, that is actually causing us incredible harm then most could ever imagine.

As I spoke about in my post well over a year ago now (This is what happened when I switched my mobile phone to Airplane Mode whilst NOT on an Airplane!) that I still strongly adhere to, there are many more factors beyond long term physical health implications when it comes to “smart” phones. Reputable health experts and doctors are now speaking up about the invisible forces that are contributing to a myriad of dis-eases of the body. Electromagnetic frequencies and radiation, because they are literally invisible to the human eye and only those who are hyper-sensitive can feel them, are simply ignored by the masses and or disregarded as of any real importance to short and long term human health.

Why wait for mainstream science and medicine to catch up and tell us what we already innately know. With very little effort of implementing the top 7 features below and adjusting your “smart” phone habits can have profound positive effects on your mental and physical health, immediately.

#1 Airplane mode

Swipe up and activate airplane mode. Ceasing all transmissions. Gold Standard

Easily the most underused feature on every smartphone. The bare minimum you can start with is activating airplane mode at night before you go to sleep, (especially if you sleep with your phone by your head). As well as whilst driving, for one to eliminate distraction and two because your car acts as a giant antenna, pinging from cell tower to cell tower, electrifying the heck out of your car and you in it.

#2 Wi-fi

Swipe up and deactivate wifi when not in use.

If not to simply save battery life. If you are not using wifi, there is no need to have another signal emitting to and from your phone. You don’t need to have any knowledge or understanding about biophysics and how the frequencies and radiowaves interact with our bodies to take the simple action of swiping up and deactivating.

#3 Bluetooth

Swipe up and deactivate bluetooth when not in use.

Again another feature that should only be activated for a particular use and then deactivated. I only ever use mine for a very short period to gather my sleep data from my OURA ring and take my morning HRV. Otherwise toggled on it is constantly interacting with the environment and emitting cell damaging signals.

#4 Cellular data

Swipe up and deactivate cellular data when not in use.

Bin 5G, leave 4G off and stick to 3G when surfing the internet out and about or using any apps to reduce the amount of radiation coming to your phone.

#5 Notifications

Disable all notifications. Enable only what is really important.

It’s more of a distraction than a notification. Robbing our attention and feeding our instant gratification culture. Toggle on only the necessities (messages, calendar, reminders) Social media is not a necessity.

#6 Display & Brightness

Swipe up and turn brightness down and activate night shift mode 24–7

The dopamine draining artificial blue light from smartphones wreak havoc on human eye health and circadian alignment. I will write up about how to really optimise your iPhone display in a future post.

#7 Privacy > Location Services

Deactivate when not in use.

Only ever really needed when using maps for directions or to pinpoint a location. Otherwise GPS is just another unnecessary feature to have toggled on in the background.

All the above is perceived from me through a health promoting lense and I am by no means anti-tech. I love my iPhone and all the conveniences it brings with it, from capturing memorable moments in my life, communicating with friends all over the planet, to even reading this. I am just now very conscious of the dark side of tech that most are oblivious to and how I can continue to use these convenient devices with a lot less detriment to my health.


Dayne Barkley writes on holistic health and lifestlye hacks with a particular focus on quantum health principles.

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