The chronically disconnected human race!

Technology and Smartphone addiction is very real and troubling!

Dayne Barkley
Mar 14, 2017 · 4 min read

Out of the world’s estimated 7.5 billion people, around 6 billion have access to mobile phones. That number has most likely increased. Soon the entire planet will be connected.

Have you ever considered how much time you spend connected to your smartphone, tablet, laptop or television? You’re probably too afraid to see the statistics on that right? Smartphone addiction also now known as “nomophobia” is gripping the human race at an exponential rate. Just take a good look around and you will notice exactly what I am talking about. I personally feel like I am living in the 1999 sci-fi classic, The Matrix. Whether you believe it or not we are all part of the largest experiment in human history with technology bombarding our lives on a daily basis. We simply DO NOT KNOW the extent this will have on us as a species long term, both psychologically and physiologically. Mother Nature is giving us clues though if we decide to stop and listen.

I have to admit I do love my technology and use it everyday, as of most of you. I personally own an iPhone (which is almost always in airplane mode, see my first blog for more) that has all my favourite apps to enhance my performance and productivity along with hundreds of hours of incredibly valuable podcasts that I voraciously consume on a daily basis. As well as an iPad Mini and a Macbook Pro. I am now though incredibly more conscious of my consistent use and checking of my smartphone, especially in a social and public setting, as my knowledge and perspective evolves.

Technology is very much a double edged sword.

It brings a world of information, possibilities and convenience that allows us to connect to each other on a global level like never before with absolute ease and comfort. At the same time, the blue enriched light that emits from these devices along with the constantly pinging of cellular data, wi-fi, bluetooth, GPS and notifications that are grabbing our attention every few minutes or so, is wreaking havoc on our health both short term and long term. Again, if you don’t believe me, look harder. The signs are there.

You can’t upload love, you can’t download time, you can’t Google all of life’s answers. You must actually live some of your life.

We are chronically connected to these devices stealing our attention away from human to human interaction, releasing bursts of the neurotransmitter dopamine from every like, comment and message received. All negatively contributing to our mental health and wellbeing. Whilst we are constantly plugged in, we are becoming disconnected from the planet we have evolved millions of years from. Digital Detox’s are on the rise as humans are craving a stronger connection to the earth and are simply burning out from chronic sympathetic activation (fight or flight mode) from not being able to manage life stressors effectively. Appropriate sunlight exposure, walking barefoot and finding a form of meditation are amongst some of the most popular practices used to heal, repair and enhance human function back to its natural state.

It’s no coincidence that we feel so good on holiday’s whilst walking along the beach barefoot in the sun in a carefree parasympathetic (rest and digest) dominant state. Unfortunately most of us don’t connect the dots. We lose sight of the importance of being connected to this big blue planet of ours on a day to day basis.

Reading this you will most likely fall into one of three groups.

  1. You believe everything I just shared is bat-shit woo woo and won’t change anything in your current life.
  2. You kind of believe what I just shared makes some sense but won’t consistently question and implement practices into your life.
  3. You begin to open your perspective, question and change your environment and surroundings.

Which one do you fall into?

I encourage you to open your eyes, look around and observe. Age is no barrier when it comes to smart devices. It affects every one of us and is most troubling in the underdeveloped brains of the younger generations. Make it a priority to disconnect from tech and reconnect to nature on a consistent daily basis and just watch what happens!


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