Weekend read: On productive people

via: Kevin Kruse

Kevin Kruse lays out some productivity tactics for us in this weekend’s read.

Some of the productivity tactics I’m working on this month listed in Kevin Kruse’s article are:

  1. Scheduling everything on my calendar in 15 minute time blocks. This also means using my go to to-do list less.
  2. Processing email only a few times a day. I’ve found that processing email at 9 am, noon, 3 pm, and 7 pm work out best for my work/personal schedules.
  3. Theme the days of the week. For instance: I work on weekly deliverables Monday through Wednesday. On Thursday I work on continuous improvement projects. And on Friday I focus on strategizing and planning out my projects and goals. I also hold most of my meetings on Friday.
  4. Focus on energy. I’ve developed my morning routine to a point where I can power through my day thanks to caring for my body with exercise and nutritious food in the morning.

Check out Kevin’s article for the whole list of 15 things productive people do differently.

Originally published at www.dayneboudreau.com on February 4, 2017.