#30on30: Day 14

Of Roads and Shoes

I have come across quite a number of sayings on shoes and roads and how well they both work together.

I like this one ‘Don’t judge me until you walk in my shoes”. This doesn’t talk about roads, but it talks about shoes and walking. Funny, I have a penchant for both.

I love shoes. No, I don’t love shoes, that’ll be too collective. I love flat shoes, ballerinas, pointees, brogues, loafers, sneakers. I love them flat. I love walking as a form of exercise. Light walking, power walking… but I wobble when I wear high heels; until recent times when I’ve had to practice to walk in high heels. I stayed away from them as much as I could. So when I see the above saying I understand. I’m sure people have judged me, who wouldn’t? Lol. I would judge me.

In my mind’s eye any heel above 3 inches is high and I just wasn’t comfortable wearing them. Period. So to all that have judged me in the past, it wasn’t really my fault my mind just couldn’t see me wearing those heels. I would have written the quote this way though “Don’t judge me until you walk in 3.1 inches heel and above ”.

However, when I saw this quote “when the journey gets tough, don’t change your journey change your shoes ” it brought a different feeling. I didn’t think of my inability to wear high heels rather I thought of the many times I changed my path because the shoes hurt too much.

I moved the goal post too many times, I mean I had to keep changing the criteria because my cleats were too tight and it distracted from passing the ball and scoring a goal.

There were the days I could have walked a 6 mile trail but I took a shorter trail because my walking shoes had no room for my long toes. There were some other days I’d stay home instead of attending a friend’s wedding ceremony because I couldn’t wear flats on the native attire and I didn’t want to wobble in heels.

Those times it never occurred to me that I could change my shoes instead of changing my journey totally or taking the easier route, it never crossed my mind that I could bend the rules and wear a sneakers on an evening gown.

I could have bought a pair of comfortable walking shoes instead of struggling with the tight one I only wore because it was a classy sport brand.

Life can be tough and a lot of times we are tempted to quit the journey half way because it’s become tougher than we imagined. But I’m learning that it’s okay to stop, rest and change my shoes…I could even get a foot rub. Do whatever I need to do but never ever quit the journey.

Nobody said I have to arrive at the destination in a 5 inch heel… I could arrive wearing my brogues, pointees or my good ol’ sneakers. It’s never been about the shoes, it has always been about the journey. Arriving is what matters, arriving with my triumphs and accolades and showing off my scars …