#30on30 : Day 3

Days and Nights and…

Some nights I feel more alone than the night before and than the night before that.

Some days, at noon or at times I get a chance to take a breather. I ask myself if I’m doing too much for my friends or if I’m even doing enough. I question my own motive for doing the things I do

A lot of days I love on myself like love is all that matters, because it is. Some nights I feel like a gadget because I feel like I gave all the love I have inside of me during the day and I do not know how to refill so I sprawl on my bed like a machine out of order.

Some days and nights and… comes with battles, battles on how to be more and do more, the strive of wanting more out of life and love… but there is also the hassle with fear and doubt. The one that grips you when you feel like you are not doing enough.

This night is one of those nights