Three interesting colleagues I have met this Boot-camp

We are stronger together

The Andela boot-camp is a wonderful place where you get to meet various individuals. An observation I have made while at the boot-camp is the Passion of boot-campers. Their skills and level of proficiency may vary, but one thing I have noticed about them is that they all want to learn and are ready to give their all to it.
In this article, I will like to talk about three colleagues that I have met so far in the boot-camp.
The first person on the list is Habib. I got to meet him while in boot-camp. Habib grew up in the North of the country but strangely cannot speak Hausa. After schooling in Niger state, he decided to move to Lagos and now is in the Andela Bootcamp. He talks about the Lagos life, the hustle and bustle and how every man is to himself. He often compares it to the North where life is simpler and everybody knows his neighbor. One thing that inspires me about Habeeb is his resilience. He never gives up until the problem is solved.

Another interesting person I would like to mention is Ucheya. Ucheya is the only female in my group, but she is just as passionate (if not more) than all the other guys. Meeting her at first, you might want to think she is a nerd whose only passion is to code. However, getting to know her, you find she is quite interesting. She plays Soccer and knows all the trending songs. She is not just trendy, but also brilliant. She is always ready to help when called upon.

Lastly, I will talk about Fred, whom I also met at the boot-camp. Fred looks like the main actor in one of the Nollywood blockbusters. He is handsome and easy-going. He schooled at the Federal University of Technology, Akure(FUTA). Fred is a die-hard basketball fan and loves to play the game a lot. During my stay at the boot-camp Fred has been invaluable. I send a slack message for a bug in my code and he responds immediately. He is humble and always ready to help. I am grateful to have met someone like him.

I will like to end this article with a quote from my Learning Facilitator Assistant (LFA), Rowland. He once said, “It’s not about brilliance but about getting it done.” This sparked a light in my heart as I began to realize that getting the work done was the most important thing. The Andela Bootcamp takes a lot of work. To get work done in time one must learn to collaborate and learn from others. Collaboration is one of the core values of Andela and the Bootcamp has given me an opportunity to learn more about this. Now, I know more of the importance of collaborating with others.