We Interrupt This Program . . .
Jordan Greenhall

On 9/12/01 I got up early and went to donate blood before going to work. By the time I finished, somebody from the media was there to build a story about long-lines-don’t-donate. I said “I got right in without a wait”, and the heel was quickly turned on me. All our information is presented to us at the expense of some vested interest. We can adjust for some of that, but we still get gamed all the time. I am happy to see you broach the topic of luminal awareness, Jordan.

We are constantly faced with the limited number of human relationships we can maintain, about 150, “Dunbar’s Number” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunbar's_number That is why working groups that work well “don’t scale up”, as is cogently observed in one comment.

Radio was perceived as a spiritual and transcendent technology when it was new, a medium for the people of the world to unite, and not be driven to kill each other by their rulers. Internet; same thing. The freedom of early years can be harnessed to the designs of the rulers/owners. The CIA and Mossad have experimented with people who are adept at ESP, since at least the 1960s. I hear this was hot in WW-2, also. It’s ancient.

We all have capacity in this realm, though we have been taught out-of-it instead of taught to use it.

Sit quietly while holding a positive intention for good, and to serve others and reduce suffering. See, and see, and see your mind jumping here and there.

Don’t expect a lot. Keep doing it, alone and with others. Couple it with physical practices of ahimsa, non-violence, to strengthen your intent and deepen your practice. I believe that we co-create our world, whatever “we” are and “our world” is, and I’m really not able to tell you.

Selfish power does not seem to have intruded effectively into this ancient talent we still have.

Be careful who you practice with. Don’t drink the Kool-Aid.

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