Portland writer infamously going viral


It’s 2010 and I’m sitting in my creative writing class soaking in all the things wrong with my story, according to my peers. It wasn’t as terrible as I thought until it was Justin’s turn to speak.

“I didn’t even finish it was so bad”

Everyone in the class gets quiet and my heart drops, which prompts my professor to tell the class that our opinions don’t matter, if we want to give constructive feedback you tell the writer what they need to work on, not if you liked it or not.

Luckily I didn’t…

It’s 2017 and These Millennials Are Doing it Unapologetically


Ending a Bad Year With a Prose

Movie: A Girl Like Grace (2015)

Really, a bible?

It was bad enough that I had to spend another boring Christmas in Las Vegas, the last thing I needed was a shitty present to add to the list. Thankfully, this year was almost over. I lost my job for the very first time and became depressed, me and my friends are on two different planets since joining the Black Lives Matter movement — becoming the “Al Sharpton” of the family, barely passed the spring semester only to fail the fall. …

Day Sibley

A opinionated womanist who writes poetry and fiction. She was born and raised in NV, but considers herself a southern girl at heart. www.daysibley.xyz

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