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- To the internet. Love, me. -

Day 45

Little shit-faced cock-sucking asshole! I should go full Jay and Silent Bob on his ass! The internet is a fucking traffic jam, dude. Everyone stuck feels entitled — God fucking knows why — to be pissed and curse at each other from their own “isolated” vehicles, not giving a shit there’s an actual living being using that same shitty machines they are. People suck balls when they feel safe and right inside their private bubbles in some allegedly shared public domain.

Suck it up, they’re probably jealous. Although, it’s pretty hard to convince yourself someone envies your accomplishments writing “stop wasting our oxygen and time with this pathetic attempt to become somehow relevant through whining and bitching. Drink up some of your mom’s testicular juice and, please, just go full David Carradine next time you think about Charlie Brooker’s vagina.”…I truly hope jealousy is that much of a complex emotion…

At least, I hope all the anger spilled on those comments has some positive effects on society, you know, since people get relaxed after letting off some steam, Bennett (I could NOT miss that chance). I mean, maybe in some little shitty village, the number of pre-teen murders dropped or something. Although, it’s not like they’re all frustrated because of puberty. There are some full grown asses here! Again, if that drops the number of child-abuse cases in our “civilization”, I’m just glad to be some lunatic’s punching bag.

A bunch of philosophers and thinkers tried analyzing this thing, but in my honest opinion I just have a huge “what’s the fucking point?” thought about it. Really, I’m obviously trying to get some attention towards myself, and I know for a fact those internet pseudo-celebrities — who are usually not even experts on the irrelevant things they’re vomiting — are coming physical semen through all their body’s pores because of the received attention! I’m not saying we should be thanking someone who’s out there wasting their own minutes on this planet highlighting how our existence makes his/her life “unbearable”, but it’s just part of the whole “I need and demand people to look at me” game. It’s our digital ecosystem. They need us, we need them, so the circle of life can just be.

And with that being said, all you fuckers who I so desperately need, who love to curse everyone that shares my family’s name, wasting minutes of your pooping time on yours truly here, thank you! Thank you and I hope you all get your genitals replaced by ebola packed syringes next time you intercourse with your beloved ones. Dissing people who are just giving a shit at trying to do whatever the fuck they want… I’m probably the billionth dude to say that exact thing, but fuck it. It’s not like there’s originality here…

Day 45, Charlie.

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