To Bother Or Not To Bother

Inner Thoughts

- Remember Me? -

Day 162

When I first set foot in this country, I began my journey by almost exclusively annoying the people I wanted to work with. I didn’t bother trying to contact anyone from productions I would consider “less-relevant” and I almost solely presented myself as a writer looking for writing gigs, since that was my job back home and my final goal as I’m sure you’re aware of it (If you’re not, you’re probably one of the other 7 billion people on this planet that don’t know me). Needless to say, reality finally came and put this little snob-naive-dumb-contact-less dude right where he should be, begging anyone for anything and being extremely thankful whenever someone inside the business actually spent 2 seconds reading at the very least his e-mail’s title.

Well, funny thing happened here, as I’ve actually had the chance to work this very last weekend for a show that’s written by one of the peeps I firstly annoyed here. And more shockingly, he’s one of the few people from that first group of e-mails sent that actually answered me back then. You see where this is going now, my imaginary reader? It’s like I’ve seen this very attractive and interesting girl at this party who happens to have a great job at UNICEF, I decide to go talk to her and she shuts me off politely. A few months later, I actually end up doing some volunteer work for refugee kids, knowing she’s the head of this particular thing. You see, now I have a small window to annoy her again without sounding like a stalker! This doesn’t guarantee me a date, but at the very least she’ll feel morally obliged to give me an answer and to not ignore me completely. To cut the BS, I’m actually trying to score this writer’s attention out of guilt.

I’m pretty sure he won’t remember me right away, but I’m guessing he’ll check his past e-mails, out of curiosity, find my long lost e-mail and go “oh, it’s that dude”. To be honest, I’m not a big fan of doing this. Shit, I’m not a big fan of writing people asking for stuff at all, but I have to deal with what I have. I’m not going to lie, I actually enjoyed myself a lot on this job and I think I found myself a true opportunity to find me a place where I actually want to be. Which is quite hilarious, because I was considering giving up this whole production thing for a while just about last week since I’ve been having the hardest time finding stuff in the business. Well, my life has been as stable as the Turner’s marriage since I got here, and despite the fact I might be too much Tina on this one, I’m giving this production thing another shot.

Well, since I’m actually sending this very page to the dude himself, and if right now he happens to be passed the point of no return where he’s reading this out of his own curiosity, I hope it takes him back to his early days so he can score me a few proper tips. I don’t know if I’m too crazy for postponing a proper job search even further, especially considering people still expect you to give them moneys for shelter and food these days, but I’m just enjoying the confidence boost while it lasts. I probably won’t be able to take him out for diner just yet, but I can optimistically expect to become a more interesting prospect for the future. At least, I’ll be happy to make it to friend-zone once.

Day 162, Charlie. I hope you get jealous of this one someday.