How to start thinking?

I having this problem my entire life, that I stay still and quite in everything I do. This is because I’m not thinking clearly. My thoughts are pretty confused all the time, I want to do something, but my mind stops me from doing it.

This is because I’m afraid of making the same mistakes over and over. I’m afraid of thinking and applying. “I’m Afraid of living my life limitless (As the movie)”.

For example: I’m bilingual, but I’m afraid of writing in English, because of possible grammar issues. I’m afraid of the criticism, and afraid of make a mistake. I’m not thinking that in order to be bilingual you have to think twice and you have the advantage that others doesn’t have.

This is my first time writing on Medium, I got to say, this is an excellent platform, where you encounter a lot of people with the semblance you have. You will find here people that love to express their feelings and to share their opinions with someone capable to understand the fact.

I was reading the article “50 Ways Happier, Healthier, And More Successful People Live on Their Own Terms”, I stay like “Yei”, this is great, and this is like what I was looking for my entire life. “The Real Guide”. I feel identified with this kind of article, because I feel like I’m getting lost in my days routines and I’m not thinking clearly. I need guidance in this matter.

The most of the times I’m feeling tired, you should blame the absence of exercise, eating junk food like three times a week, drinking cola instead of water, yelling for everything, negative thinking, etc. But, what you should tell me is how I’m going to start doing the opposite?, how I’m going to start thinking?, how I’m going to start living my life plentifully?.

I will accept you help :)


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