PWG: Only Kings Understand Each Other

It’s my service as a wrestling fan to document my experience at PWG this weekend. The comradery between fans is an experience that’s unmatched. The conversations had and bonds made in the line before entry will never be forgotten. That might have been the highlight of the night. The introduction to a world of fans and fellow wrestling nerds isn’t equivalent to anything I’ve experienced at a typical wrestling show. I love PWG and I will put all of my effort into making sure that I never miss a live show.

PWG gives you a sense of community and that feeling is unmatched as soon as you enter the humble doors of American Legion Post #308. After entering the doors you join the most electric room California has to offer only to see some of the biggest names in the world of independent wrestling. As you walk towards your potential seat you face yourself with the Young Bucks. These guys are superheroes in this building and it’s only right that you pay your dues to the ELITE of the indie wrestling world.

One of the most powerful aspects of the American Legion Post #308 in Reseda, CA is the part where you get to rub shoulders with the best of best in independent wrestling. I’ve brushed shoulders with the likes of Will Ospreay, Marty Scurll and Matt Riddle. All of these dudes were great. Then I met the John Cena of the company: Chuck Taylor. One of the most intimidating moments of my pro wrestling fandom. I mustered up enough strength to buy a t-shirt and meet my hero. I love Chuck and wish he were my best friend. His Twitter account is just as great as he is and I recommend you follow.

The highlight of my weekend was seeing my favorite wrestler Chuck Taylor wrestle the PWG world champion Zack Sabre Jr. Zack is the best wrestler in PWG since Roderick Strong. Zack and Chuck had a match that I will never forget. When all was said and done I had a new respect for both. They gave each other all they had to offer and it was everything I could hope for.

PWG is the best thing to happen to wrestling. Everything I could I ask for lies within that hall in Reseda.

It’s 7:55 PM on a Thursday. I’m about to furiously start updating my Chrome browser in order to get tickets to the next event. It features the Best Friends(Chuck Taylor & Trent?) vs. LDRS(Zack Sabre Jr. & Marty Scurll). This card looks incredible.

Update: 8:02 PM

I missed the window. Help a good brother out if you can. I’m looking for one ticket and could use some help! It didn’t work out for me this time. First time that I haven’t had tickets since Thirteen. I appreciate your help!