Thurdsday night rambles

Anatomy kicked my ass today. Epithelial cells and chemistry can suck it. I’m celebrating the last days of my 91.23% with beer and pizza. It’s righteous. Back still hurts and I don’t know what the hell is wrong with it but better believe I toughed it out in PE today and hit some bench press. NBA is back from all-star break. Beloved Boogie Cousins plays for the Pelicans. Didn’t get to watch it outside of .gif highlights on Twitter. I’m not complaining by any means because that is one of the most fascinating features of Twitter. Warriors and Kings are both up next. Warriors always take priority but I’m curious to see what the Kings look like and how their broadcast approaches this new lineup that’s very hard to take seriously. I have a soft spot for the Kings as I have rooted ties to the city of Sacramento and they’ve always been the “B” team in regards to CSN’s regional NorCal televising. Not to mention, Warriors blackout on CSN, so they’re only playing the TNT broadcast. No Fitz and JB equals a long night. Last thought before tip-off: it’s about 20 minutes till 8:00 PM and I have three letters on my mind. Not NBA. Not GSW. It’s PWG! Tickets for Nice Boys (Don’t Play Rock ‘n Roll) go on sale in minutes and I’ve got some pregaming to do!

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