The Best Bars and Wineries of Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Photo Source: Maison Premiere

Brooklyn is known worldwide for its social drinking scene. The area is home to dozens of bars and wineries, which make up much of the city’s claim to fame. Most of Brooklyn’s top bars and watering holes are located in the Williamsburg area, many of which with their own unique theme and menu for guests to enjoy.

You can find everything from typical beer bars, to personable hole-in-the-walls, to high-end bars suitable for a first date or anniversary drink.

Residents of Brooklyn and guests alike visit these watering holes to enjoy their fine hand-crafted cocktails, imported craft beer, and social scenes.

Skinny Dennis is among Williamsburg’s most popular bars. It takes on the honky-tonk personality you might expect from a traditional Nashville bar, and features live sessions with country artists from 12PM to 7PM everyday. This bar is perfect for beer lovers, with over 18 different beers available on draft.

Also located in Williamsburg is The Commodore, another of the neighborhood’s best bars. The locals refer to this bar as a “gastrodive,” thanks to its straightforward decor and no-frills attitude. Along with fine lagers and hand-crafted drinks, this bar offers the finest bar munchies you can fine in Brooklyn.

Williamsburg has a type of bar for everyone, and Battery Harris adds to their lineup of eclectic watering holes with Latin-based drinks and Caribbean-inspired dishes. The bar takes on a beach theme, living up to the beach bunker from which it found its name. Many of the drinks feature rum, but this bar also has over 20 beers on draft from which to choose.

If you’re looking for a high-class French inspired bar, the Maison Premiere may be the perfect destination for you next night out in Brooklyn. This bar is world-renowned for its absinthe-based drinks, being one of the few places in New York which serves the rare and distinct beverage. Unlike other bars which offer fries and onion rings, you can partake in onion rings, caviar, or lobster during your stay at the Maison Premiere.

Photo source: Maison Premiere

The Loosie Rouge is one of Williamsburg’s newest bars, opening its doors in 2015. This bar takes on a New Orleans theme, and is popular for its beautiful decor in addition to its unique Louisiana-style drinks. Try the frozen daiquiri during your stay at this trendy watering hole, one of the bar’s most popular and tasty beverages.

Photo source: The Loosie Rouge

Williamsburg is largely known for its bars, but recently a winery opened in the neighborhood. The Brooklyn Winery features 18 locally made wines and a carefully curated selection of cheese for guests to enjoy. Wine tastings are common at the winery, and a visit to this new spot in Brooklyn makes for an excellent date night or anniversary event.

Photo Source: The Brroklyn Winery
Photo Source: The Brooklyn Winery

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