3 Ways Small Businesses Should Be Using Social Media

In this article, we talk about 3 ways that small businesses can use social media to better themselves online and start creating a brand. We will discuss 3 ways that even today small businesses can start using social media to make a difference and stop using those banners and stop using the old techniques for marketing and advertising. Lets Go!

Number 1: Use Social Media as a content platform. Yes I want you to use social media as a content platform. This is for many reasons but the best one I can think of right now is that it shows people you are more than just a business but you are interesting. And interesting business create brands. I am not saying you will be a name brand like, Target or Walmart but hell if you can even come close is that not a win? Create meaningful content that your clients and or customers would like to read. This is very useful to get people to come in on their own and without an advertisement in sight.

Number 2: Reply to Customers Through Social Media. Replying back to your customers and or clients is not only nice and the right thing to do but it adds a psychological effect. This makes people feel important that the business owner of their favorite (Insert Business Here), likes them enough to reply back to them. This works well in situations where they ask questions, give feedback, complain and whatever else comes to their mind. Trust me it makes someone’s day when you have a business owner reply back to you. Also be aware that your response should be somewhat fast. If Susan asked a question on April 7th 2017 and you do not reply back until April 7th 2020 that is not good, and actually looks kind of like a dick move to be honest so please be speedy with your response. You do not have to be super fast but hey at least within an hr or so.

Number 3: Find Influences In Your Area For Social Media. This is another big one because on social media there are people who are big influences. They can be near you or far but it does not matter. Find these people and who they are and reach out to them. No one does anything for free but hey with followings into the 100,000’s it is worth a try. This is the new type of advertisement. When you see someone wearing a piece of clothing and they do a shootout for the brand or company they are the influencer here and they are reaching out to their network of followers on social media. The followers see such a post and want to inquire about it and from there yes they buy your shit. How much do they run you some may ask? Well I am not a guru so you will have to ask them. But this is one way to spread the word of your business to a ton of other people. You may not have a huge following but why not go ahead and reach out to the people who do? Makes life so much easier!

Well those were the 3 ways businesses can stay active on social media. The major key is just starting. You will fail but that is half the journey. If you need help you can reach out to people who know this like me and we can help. It is a big monster at times but like I have said in the past… It is time to grab the bull by the horns and get to riding the damn thing.