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Welcome readers and music enthusiasts, I thank you for your time.

If you like to download DJ sets#Housemusic from music platforms (especially house-mixes or SoundCloud), wouldn’t you like to know what to anticipate on the listening experience? My name is Sy, short for the pen name TheSyurreal, and I’ve been blogging there since 2013. Has music been a lasting first love or passion in your life? Me too. I’ve been a hoarder of all formats, vinyl, cassettes, CDs, mp3s, since 1980. I’m 48, so yes, we both got hooked early.

I am here to save you time by giving you…

A Sy Study

You Are Now Listening To: https://www.house-mixes.com/profile/sebasteeno/play/this-is-deep-house-1-the-opening-session-04-2

Opening track…. — A VIBER. Female vocal hook, “That’s right, come get it,” ascending synth. 6:45 mark — YEP. Male & female croons, Mid-tone FLASH keys \\0// \\0//. 11:45 — Steady Roll. Male vocals, static bones (Rhodes), nifty bass guitar riff. 16:45 — SWAYIN’ shoulders 0/ 0/. Male vocals, BLIPPY Moog. 20:50 — PINPOINT TRANSITION Noted. Male croon, Silver Surfer in transit vibez….w h o o s h! 26:00 — Barry White narration, moonlight beach walking buttons. 31:30 — ABSOLUTELY LOVELY. Sunset tribal. The electronic Nyanga pan pipes and string accompaniment invigorates your psyche.

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A Sy Study

You Are Now Listening To: https://hearthis.at/senorlaroca/gone-in-60-radio-your-joyride-through-sound-033/

Opening track…. — Modern times western movie theme with desolation elements. Notice the male vocal croon. 4:10 mark — Deep sigh….Apple News & pandemic politics. 10:45 — Oceanfront chilled. 13:30 — Opening a door in the cosmos. Female vocal hook, “On this journey,” SPARKLING tremolo synth. 19:00 — ROLL. Female vocal hook, “Won’t you take me there,” classick bassline bump & slide chord. 25:00 — LARGE. POWER Progressive house keys with unique vocals. I’ve heard the vocal sample on other genre releases this year. 31:00 — Fading away whoosh…. Those ACID trips when you…

A Sy Study

You Are Now Listening To: https://www.mixcloud.com/dj125er/004-dj-125er-groovin-selection-soulfuldeep-02102016/

Opening track…. — NICE. VIBIN’ male vocals, tidy House piano. 5:45 mark — Ewwww YES. Red wine male vocals, rainy Saturday afternoon bass guitar. 10:15 — Easin’ into it…. Female vocals, dreamy synth, sharp bass snares. 17:05 — Yep. Male vocal narrative about House music, ROLLING BASSLINE \\0// \\0//. 24:00 — PURE. Male vocal hook, “Funk,” deep lounge Cantina Band vibez; notice the trumpet. 29:40 — WHEW MAN!!!!!!!!! Jay J, Chris Lum (feat Latrice Barnett) — Without Love (DAN.K’s No Hope Remix 2014). Classick GANJA keys.

Photo via worldofweed.com (CC0)

33:15 — Feelin’ it, nice & easy ere…

A Sy Study

You Are Now Listening To: https://soundcloud.com/toosaltyrecords/too-salty-008-kinn

Opening track…. — VERY NICE. Mid-Tone, off-kilter synth pattern. The bassline smoothly keeps it all together. 7:30 mark — Yeah man….an easy VIBER. Minimalist, mid-tone syncopation. 10:20 — Transition Noted. Female croon, bass guitar, tempo increase \\0// \\0//. Nice touches with the classical strings. 15:30 — Groovin’. Soft piano riff, hollowed bongo percussion. 19:00 — Yep. Male vocal narrative (Italian or Spanish? Hai….forgive me) with a sleazy casino ambiance. 23:00 — Swaying female vocal croon, galloping journey bassline. 26:50 — Minimalist, bumpy shards beatz. 29:15 — ZONIN’. Female vocal hook, “Our minds do not…

A Sy Study

You Are Now Listening To: https://www.mixcloud.com/dj125er/441-live-groovin-selection-132-soulful-house-16052021/

OPENING TRACK!!!!!!!! — HA YES…..INSTANT JOY BUZZ!!!!!!!! True2Life, Phillip Ramirez, “Light in my heart (Ross Couch Dub 2016).” Couch’s infectious production is all over this. 7:00 mark — Piano and saxophone overdubs, steady bassline. 11:40 — Flowin’ female vocals, encompassing keys and bongo percussion. 16:40 — WHEW MAN!!!!!!!!! A JUMPER!!!!!!!!!!!! Male vocal loop, “Ain’t nothin’ but a house party,” CHARGED UP Moog. 19:45 — Steady vibez this one. Mid-tone bumpy bones (Rhodes). 22:40 — Soooo Nice. Male vocals, island sun buttons. Wait for the smooth jazz sax riff.

Photo via massullomusic.com (CC0)

26:10 — YES MAN YES!!!!!!! Female…

A Sy Study

You Are Now Listening To: https://soundcloud.com/deepin-podcast/deep-injection-podcast-105-kinn

Opening track…. — Minimalist wave synth, steady THUMP bassline. 5:45 mark — Seeing ink drop visual THUMPS. 10:00 — Head Noddin’. Diggin’ the key cascades underneath the percussion layers. 12:40 — Ahhhh yeah, NICE TRANSITION. Lovely SPIN melody on the bones (Rhodes)

Photo via bellissima via occhietti.tumblr.com via pinterest.com (CC0)

17:30 — Falling sensation, minimalist groove ❤. 21:30 — Staticky male vocal hook, scattered bits and Moog blips. 24:30 — VIBIN’ Man…..vibin’. Tempo increase with that lingering spin chord in the background. 27:45 — Groovin’. Steady, light bassline rumble, swirling buttons. 32:15 — SHEEEISH. BLANK OUT joint 0–0. …

A Sy Study

You Are Now Listening To: https://www.mixcloud.com/senorlaroca/gone-in-60-radio-your-joyride-through-sound-029/

Opening track…. — Man….LARGE landscapes. Desert cinematic vibez. 7:35 mark — Wow. Female croon, cosmic synth cascades. The scratchy-hollow percussion pattern is catchy. This one pulls you in, it’s one of those tracks where you just stop and listen. 14:00 — Nice. Christian Burns, “Any Love 2021.” You can here the seriousness in his vocals; dreamy keys. 18:45 — Lovely staccato bones (Rhodes). Watching the seagulls. 22:00 — MAN….goosebumps snuck up on me!!!!!!! Female vocals, “Don’t keep me holding on,” notice the Moog build and layers. 25:00 — Unique female vocals. The melody has…

A Sy Study

You Are Now Listening To: https://www.mixcloud.com/DaveJunglist/1991-reactivated-pt-i/

Opening track…. — Original BLIPPY synth & bassline rumble. Classick James Brown sample, “Brothas and sisters, I don’t know what this world is coming to.” 3:45 mark — PERCUSSION. Nice breakdown ere. 7:10 — YEP. Fader, acid raindrops key melody. 10:15 — Proper Mystics. 11:20 — YEAHHHHH MAN. \\0// \\0//. Espionage stanza.

Image via DC Comics via themarysue.com (CC0)

14:45 — Female vocal hook, drum CHOPS. 19:10 — Male vocal loop, “Pump the set with flava,” vibin’ tempo. 23:00 — ACIIIIIIEEEEED STANZA. Chopped male vocal loop, “Ecstasy.” 27:40 — LOVELY. 31:12 — Drums and fader. 33:10 — WHOOSH. Definitive hardcore era…

A Sy Study

You Are Now Listening To: https://soundcloud.com/officialpeterock/track-01

OPENING TRACK!!!!!!!! — POW indeed… straight to it. Female croon, easy funk rhythm. 1:10 mark — Junior M.A.F.I.A. (feat. The Notorious B.I.G.), “Get Money 1996.” 4:00 — Kurious indeed, Classick FLOW. Synth samples are from Roy Ayers’, “Mystic Voyage 1975.” Coolio sampled those elements on his “It Takes A Thief (1994 Album).” 7:40 — Pete Rock & Method Man Drunken lyre flows. 9:20 — X Clan. The funk samples they implemented with their lyrics were way ahead of its time. 12:05 — Lovely man. Sunday afternoon vibez, eases the mind. Wait for the saxophone.

Photo by Eric Staller via petapixel.com (CC0)


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