Why I Only Work Remotely
Yan Lhert

I understand all your points, but i do have a few question.

Don’t you miss working in a small team with people that turn into friends?

Is the open plan situation simply messy when its open plan for everyone? What if its open plan for sections of developers that need to work with each other? (e.g. small groups of up to 6). Without the rest of the noise that happens from different teams. Just dev focused open plan used in smaller groups?

How do you manage to work as a team with other developers, other team members in the product that you are building? Regular meetings? Skype? Slack?

Totally understand the morning person and working when you are motivated…. Soo true for soo many people. Commute sux as well when you have to do it 5 days a week in peak hour… (But commute part time out of peak isnt bad and can be quite relaxing!)

But there must be a way to enjoy having an office and working remotely right?

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