Running latest Mandelbulb3d on OSX

At the time of writing the latest version of Mandelbulb3d is v1.9.1. But, the download is for Windows. There is a Mac download available, but that is v1.9.0. These instructions show how you can run the most recent version (and I guess future versions too).

There isn’t actually a build of Mandelbulb3d for OSX. The Mac download on the official site is actually the Windows version wrapped in a compatibility layer called Wineskin.

Download the most recent Windows version (v 1.9.1) of Mandelbulb3d, and Wineskin Winery (currently v 1.7).

Extract the Mandelbulb3d archive so that you have a folder called “Mandelbulb3Dv191” or similar.

When you run Wineskin Winery, you should download the most recent “Engine”, at the time of writing that’s v 1.9.11. To do that, click the “+” button underneath the list of installed Engines.

You also need to download/install/update the “Wrapper” to the latest version. Click the “Update” button. At time of writing it’s Wineskin-2.6.2.

Now click “Create New Blank Wrapper”…

Creating the wrapper may take a while and may have to download a few more bits and pieces if you don’t already have them installed. Once it’s completed, click “View wrapper in Finder”. Then command+click on the icon and select “Show Package Contents”.

Then run the “Wineskin” app inside the package…

From the menu that appears select “Install Software”…

And, then on the installed, select “Move a Folder Inside”…

From the file selector that appears, select your extracted Mandelbulb3d folder. Then, you select the executable to use…

Select “OK” and then you’re back to the Wineskin menu, select “Quit”.

Now go back out of the package contents, to the main Mandelbulb3d app you created, and run it. The app should load, and you’ll see the main Mandelbulb3d windows:

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