Awesome! Thanks a lot for the quick response!
Konstantin Lackner

Sorry, documentation is lacking in that area. The “Getting Started..” story here on Cyril’s Medium describes some of the commands. Here’s a summary of all of them from the code:

editor.addCommand('z', this, &cyrilApp::toggleFx);  editor.addCommand('f', this, &cyrilApp::toggleFullscreen);  editor.addCommand('a', this, &cyrilApp::toggleEditor);  editor.addCommand('d', this, &cyrilApp::toggleBackground);  editor.addCommand('k', this, &cyrilApp::toggleLights);  editor.addCommand('l', this, &cyrilApp::loadFile);  editor.addCommand('s', this, &cyrilApp::saveFile);  editor.addCommand('e', this, &cyrilApp::resetTimers);  editor.addCommand('p', this, &cyrilApp::pauseProgram);  editor.addCommand('r', this, &cyrilApp::runScript);  editor.addCommand('o', this, &cyrilApp::toggleOrtho);

So, CMD+z toggles the post-processing effects, CMD+f toggles full screen, etc.