Chronic lateness

It’s a disease.

Have you ever woken up before your alarm? As you lie there slowly waking up, basking in the daylight seeping through your window, you feel refreshed, rested and think to yourself, wow, I must have finally caught up on all my sleep. You continue lazing about and cheerily wonder what you’ll do with all this extra time? More time to peruse Facebook? Better yet, time to make coffee or maybe even a hot breakfast! You could catch up on your laundry. Perhaps watch an episode or three of Parks and Rec, etc. etc… Eventually you login onto your computer and see the time. You’re not early, you’re late. You didn’t wake up BEFORE your alarm, you simply slept through it… And in an instant your whole life shifts!

(well your morning anyways)

(Photo is irrelevant — but pretty right?)
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