grand goal of living
What are we really after?
Jonas Ellison

But why do you need a ‘grand goal of living’? Why does there need to be ‘meaning’ to everything we do?

The goal orientated mindset comes from seeing time in a linear fashion. We are always ‘moving forward’ and ‘improving with time’. In this mindset we are constantly moving towards something, to make things better and improve life. The future is just over the horizon. Tomorrow will be better than today. Humanity will ‘be better than we are’. Or not.

But if the future will be better then why is the past seen as a ‘golden age’? Things were simpler then. We have nostalgia for times we have never experienced.

The future will be better but the present isn’t as good as the past — and the future becomes the present and the present the past. So as we move through time the present becomes the better past, the future becomes the not so good present, and the future will be better. It is an endless treadmill.

We are trapped in language and giving meaning to the sounds which we produce. The ‘ultimate goal’ in life is death.

We live, we die and the stuff inbetween is absurdity.