Analysing Survey Results

Darryl Hutton
Apr 9, 2014 · 3 min read

Part 10 of 15

A series of journals documenting a participatory design approach to improving the usability of mobile e-commerce web experiences.

This journal covers the responses that were returned by a survey that ran over 26 days, from 14th February-11th March 2014.

The survey received 77 responses from users aged 35-54, which provided an extensive amount of data that could be analysed.

Ownership of devices

In order to discover if poor usability was due to device specific issues I asked users to leave a response with details of the device they used. In the most part users had high-end smartphones that were more than capable of completing transactions via eCommerce websites, the majority of which had screens at or larger than 4 inches diagonally.

A breakdown of the devices owned by the respondents is listed below:

  • The vast majority of respondents used a device from the Samsung Galaxy (29%) or Apple iPhone (38%) range.
  • Around 12% used another Android smartphone (HTC, Nexus etc)
  • Just under 4% of users used a Windows Phone device.
  • Just under 4% of users used a Blackberry device.
  • Just under 3% used a feature phone
  • Just under 3% used a non-feature, non-smartphone, did not use a mobile at all or did not know the make and model of phone they used.

From this data I can conclude that users own devices that allow them to make use of mobile eCommerce websites, yet only 18% of users surveyed strongly agreed to regularly buying products online using their device.

Browsing Habits

In order to understand the browsing habits of users I asked some details about how regularly users browse the web, visit eCommerce sites and purchase from eCommerce websites from their mobile device.

I regularly use my mobile device to access the Internet

· 62% of users strongly agreed with this statement

· 11% of users strongly disagreed with this statement

I regularly use my mobile device to browse retail websites

· Neutral results — 26% neither agreed or disagreed

· 24% strongly agreed and 24% strongly disagreed

I regularly buy products from websites using my mobile phone

· 33% strongly disagreed

· 18% strongly agreed

Usability Statements

I find it easy to buy products online through my mobile phone’s browser

· 12% strongly agreed

· 25% strongly disagreed

· 17% disagreed

· 26% neutral

· 20% agreed

I would use retailers’ websites on my mobile device more often if they were easier to use

· 25% strongly agreed

· 21% agreed

In order to gain further understanding of how usability affects the conversion rates on mobile eCommerce sites, I cross analysed the results of users who scored on each extreme on the scale for making purchases using their mobile devices with their responses to the statement, “I find eCommerce websites easy to use on my mobile device”.

  • 50% of those that strongly agreed with using their device to make purchases regularly also strongly agreed that they found eCommerce sites on their mobile device easy to use.
  • 72% of those that strongly disagreed with using their device to make purchases regularly also strongly disagreed that they found eCommerce sites on their mobile device easy to use.
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