Designing the User Interface for a Mobile First Ecommerce Site

Darryl Hutton
Apr 9, 2014 · 5 min read

Using underscores to setup a blank theme for Wordpress with Woocommerce


Grid System

Example of how the fluid grid reacts on smaller screen sizes

Designing the UI from user sketches and recommendations


Sketch of header UI by an interviewee (left) and the design used in the prototype (right)


Navigation menu opened on Blackberry Z10 displaying child categories of ‘Menswear’


Footer displayed on both desktop and mobile device.

Product Grid

Product grid sketch by interviewee (left) and design used in prototype site (right)

Product Information

Sketch by user of add to cart hide/show (left) and flow of this action on the prototype site (right)

Cart Page

Cart page design on prototype site

Checkout form on mobile device

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