Asking Users to Evaluate a Mobile Ecommerce Prototype against Usability Heuristics

Darryl Hutton
Apr 9, 2014 · 2 min read

Part 15 of 15

A series of journals documenting a participatory design approach to improving the usability of mobile e-commerce web experiences.

In evaluating the prototype site I will ask users to provide feedback based upon their experience.

The users will be asked to follow a set scenario and answer a few questions based upon their experience. Users that take part in this evaluation will be given the following scenario:

Imagine you are interested in buying a product from this website based on a recommendation from a friend. In this scenario you will need to finalise the order of the product.

— If you are female the recommended product is a “Mamba Jacket”

— If you are male the recommended product is a “Tactical Jacket”

You will not be asked for bank details at any stage of this process and you are free to enter false details if you wish to any questions asked in the checkout process (eg. your name and address).

All data received from this process will not be shared with anyone else.

Once you have completed this task please return to this form, you will be asked 6 simple questions based on your experience.

I have created a short survey that will ask users to give their responses to the scenario, using a Likert scale to gauge their responses to the following statements, taken from my usability heuristics.

  • I found it easy to learn how to use this website.
  • I found it easy to find the product I was looking for.
  • I would easily remember how to use this website if I used it again.
  • I encountered problems while using the website on my mobile device.
  • I felt the website gave me feedback when I completed an action.
  • I feel the website is fit for purpose.

I will also include a question asking how regularly they use their device to make purchases online.

This will allow me to compare the results taken from my first survey for how usable eCommerce mobile sites are and how regularly users make purchases using their mobile device. I anticipate that these results will ultimately answer my research question.

“Can a participatory design approach improve the usability of a mobile eCommerce website for users aged 35-54?”

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