The Right Ways of Choosing the Perfect Diamond Studs Earrings

These points of consideration will help in the selection of the perfect diamond studs earrings for you or a loved one. Strike a smart balance of the 4 CS- cut, clarity, color and carat as you seek the perfect pair from online or offline jewelry stores.

The dazzling lure of diamond studs earrings has its own eternal appeal. Be it young or old, all ladies love to have at least one pair of exquisite diamond studs earrings in their possession. It goes without saying that these beautiful pieces of jewelry have been making it down generations and are considered to be valuable heirlooms that never fail to leave their impact. They can be flaunted just about anywhere — at work, at a friend’s do, on a daily basis at home, at cultural events, and just about everywhere else. Given this, it is no small wonder that affordable diamond studs earrings are the way to go for one and all. If you have been looking around for the best diamond studs earrings for yourself, your mom, a friend or colleague, or anyone else, you can be assured of getting the best deal with these pointers in place.

Diamond Stud Earrings are Easy to Choose

The beauty of diamonds versus its cost: what do you think would be the most ideal combination? While the diamond studs earrings that are of better quality are more striking and beautiful, they also demand a much higher price than the ones comprising of lower grade diamonds. As per experts, prior knowledge of the metrics involved in selecting the right kind of diamonds also goes into the buying of these essential pieces of jewelry. To find the utmost value in your carefully chosen diamond stud earring sets, you should opt for the brightest diamonds at the lowest cost.

If you can afford it, it is best recommended that you invest in excellent cut quality diamonds with G-H color as well as “eye-clean” clarity. In case you decide to buy one, you can get yourself diamond studs earrings with moderately priced diamonds without much fuss. The good thing about such affordably priced diamond studs earrings sets is that you can be assured of gaining the same dazzling showers of light that you would otherwise derive from diamonds priced at thousands of dollars in excess.

If you are still wondering about how you can get yourself such brilliance in lesser priced gemstones, then do know that there are three good reasons behind the same. First and foremost, it is the excellent cut that’s responsible for breathing sparkle and life into a diamond. Secondly, as most experts would readily agree, a G-H color rated stone will always seem colorless after being mounted. Therefore, there is actually no need of spending in excess for D-E-F colored diamonds to gain the same brilliance that you so desire. Thirdly, diamonds of SI2 clarity are “eye-clean”. This effectively means that they seldom contain flaws that are visible to your naked eye. The diamond studs earrings made of such stones cost lesser than the ones crafted with higher clarity grades. If you research accurately, you can get yourself some excellent bargains after making only slight compromises in terms of beauty. These bargains can be found in diamond studs earrings that have the I1 Clarity range, provided the color lingers in the G-H range and the cut is good.

It is absolutely okay if you happen to be on a budget yet want to invest in the most beautiful pair of diamond studs earrings. All that you need to do is cut out the embarrassment bit and start looking around for slightly lower quality diamonds. If worn properly, all diamonds end up giving off their individual sheen when donned on a woman’s ears. There are many others like you out there who would for the same price, flaunt 1 carat studs of slightly lower quality than go for 1/2 carat studs that boast of higher quality.

The next concern that needs to be addressed is whether you would like to purchase the diamond studs earrings of your choice from a brick-and-mortar jewellery store or from an online portal of high repute. Most experts would recommend that you go through the exhaustive e-catalogues of specialty stores before freezing your buy. The more you look around the pages of high-grade jewelry stores, the better are your chances of finding an excellent array of clarity, cut and color grades for different kinds of diamonds earrings and studs sold online.

If you are lucky enough, you may find yourself an interesting deal wherein you can add more to your savings by purchasing diamond studs earrings online. It is a good idea to take recourse to different price comparison tools to view the final prices of the same kind of earrings before clicking on pay. With easy shipping and payment modules in place, you will not find it tough to get your hands on the best deals on diamond studs earrings. What’s more? At most sites, you will also get the surety of insurance on your purchases.

It is no hidden fact that the finest of diamonds are rare, colorless and expensive. So, how do you go about the act of choosing the ones that have the best color grade? Experts recommend that on the much-acclaimed GIA grading scale, grade, a rating of J or below showcases progressively increasing yellowish tinge, G-I are nearly colorless and grade D-F are deemed to be of the colorless variety. If you do not have any particular fancy for whiter stones, then you can enjoy the same sparkle and brightness in differently colored diamond studs earrings. Once mounted, the diamonds rated in the “G-H” range would appear colorless as well as give off better value on resale. In comparison, “D-F” stones would command quite higher prices but will be worth their cause — overall, it all depends on your specific tastes and budget.

The right clarity grade counts too. When you are on the lookout for good quality diamonds or diamond studs earrings, it is a good idea to go for pieces that have minimum inclusions or flaws. The stones with less inclusions are rare to find and can be procured at high costs only. However, as the presence of inclusions may or may not be visible to the naked eye, you can be assured that the beauty of the jewelry piece chosen by you will not be detracted unless there are big enough inclusions that are likely to stare back into your eye. All grade “SI2” diamonds or above, have inclusions that may be labeled as “eye clean”; their flaws are generally not visible to the naked eye. An “I1” grade diamond studs earrings set also provides excellent value, specifically if the inclusions are present on the outer edges. I2" grades diamonds are likely to exhibit a commendable degree of light and fire while “I3” grade diamond studs earrings are noticeably quite opaque and cast a dark look to the naked eye.

When you are buying diamond studs earrings, you simply cannot ignore the cut of the stones that are set within them. Much more than any other attribute, it is the cut of the diamonds that will make your jewel piece look brilliant and beautiful. Well cut diamonds reflect light internally. They end up displaying a dazzling shower of brilliant light that’s thrown back through the top surface of the stone. While viewing your diamonds, it is best advised to look right into the center of the stone in question. A poorly cut diamond would show dark facets right in the center of your diamond studs earrings, or in some cases, a dark ring that lingers around the center. Such diamonds may also appear opaque.

Last but certainly not the least, the secret of well cut diamond studs earrings set with the right grade of dispersion, brilliance and scintillation lies in the amount of light it returns. The greater the light the better is the value of the piece under consideration. This is the best measure of the beauty of your diamonds. Are you ready to invest in one such pair of diamond studs earrings at the earliest?

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