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Kangaroos on Yeppoon golf course Photo by Donna Kos

Plus Some Quirky Australian Foods, Phrases and Stories to Help You Aussie Up

Photo by Mohsen Ben Cheikh (Unsplash)

Plus Places That are Off the Beaten Path for an Unforgettable Adventure

Plus Things to Do That Won’t Destroy Your Pocketbook

My transportation to civilization after getting stung by a jelly fish. Great Barrier Reef, Photo by Donna Kos

Does Your Bucket List Feel Overwhelming?

Peyton Photo by Donna Kos

If you did what everyone told you to do when you traveled, you’d never leave the house

Playa Grande, Costa Rica Photo by Donna Kos

Some of These Foods from Around the World Will Help You Decide.

Donna Kos

Https://www.GutsyGlobetrotters.com/ Travel blogger, photographer & mother. Believes in living life with passion.

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