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Washing your produce during COVID-19 is just one more thing that stresses you out.

You’re in self isolation or quarantined and struggling to keep your sanity.

The last thing you want to worry about when you get your food home from the grocery store is how to wash your produce so you don’t have to fry, peel or boil everything.

You’ve heard the stories of crazy people in the grocery stores. Not to mention everyone touches all the produce before they buy it if it’s not prepackaged.

You’re doing everything you can to stay safe and healthy.

Here are a…

Moorea, French Polynesia Photo by Donna Kos

Some Life-Changing Experiences Can’t Be Anticipated

For the first time in my life I’m single.

It‘s been lonely and took a lot of getting used to.

I’ve had a boyfriend or husband all of my life.

When I left the country to travel I had an amazing boyfriend. A keeper.

One day he commented in his charming southern drawl, “You can’t write about travel sitting in Plano, Texas, Sweetheart.”

Too true. And it was very cool that he was fine with me traveling by myself.

Two days before I was due to fly the bomb dropped.

“I think it will be good for us to have…

Kangaroos on Yeppoon golf course Photo by Donna Kos

Plus Some Quirky Australian Foods, Phrases and Stories to Help You Aussie Up

You just got off the plane.

You’re half way around the world and you’re exhausted.

You pause. You’re trying to navigate your way out of the airport.

Apparently you look a bit perplexed.

“G’Day! How ya goin’?” A stranger pipes up.

Wow! Someone is actually asking you how you are.


You’re not in New York City anymore are you!?

You haven’t even made it out of the airport and a few people have already spoken to you.

I’ve spent the last five months in Australia. I’ve been in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. …

Photo by Mohsen Ben Cheikh (Unsplash)

Plus Places That are Off the Beaten Path for an Unforgettable Adventure

Costa Rica has been on your Bucket List for a long time.

Stories of this awe-inspiring country keep spinning around inside your head.

Scouring websites, you keep trying to get a handle on which incredible ways you want to spend your time once you get there.

You want unforgettable places to stay.

The options are endless.

I’ve traveled for 35 months over the last 12 years. I’ve been to 15 countries on five continents. Ten of those months were spent in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

These tips will help you get your Costa Rican adventure off to an amazing start!

1. Getting There Is Easy

Plus Things to Do That Won’t Destroy Your Pocketbook

The sensational stories about Byron Bay are tantalizing!

Rumor has it this beach town is crawling with backpackers, young families and oldsters alike.

You’ve heard the tales of this hippy haven and want to see it for yourself.

The laid back vibe is legendary.

Had I not flown into NYC to surprise my son for his birthday two years ago, I wouldn’t have met one of his best friends, Diina. When I found out she was at Cape Byron YHA Hostel I booked myself in for three nights.

Arriving exhausted, I threw my backpack down on an empty bunk and…

My transportation to civilization after getting stung by a jelly fish. Great Barrier Reef, Photo by Donna Kos

Does Your Bucket List Feel Overwhelming?

Your Bucket List isn’t supposed to feel like an impossible task to conquer.

It’s supposed to be fun. Invigorating. Inspiring.

But lately, you’ve added countries regularly and haven’t checked any off.

You really want a game plan to start ticking some of them off your list.

And soon!

But, it’s daunting.

Where are you going to start?

You’ve read about people that travel the world and they make it look effortless.

You want to make your next pick count.

I’m traveling around the globe and have spent 34 months over the last 12 years seeking out new cultural experiences in…

Chapel Street Photo by Donna Kos

Art Work that Will Tickle Your Visual Senses and Your Pocketbook

You want to see great artwork but queuing up in a line and paying $30+ dollars to go to an art museum doesn’t fire your rockets.

You would rather wander the city and be able to see art work along the way.

You want to see mind blowing visuals without destroying your budget.

Melbourne has staggering amounts of jaw-dropping things to see.

I’ve traveled over 4 continents in the last 12 years. I’m always looking for things to do and see for free. Melbourne’s awe-inspiring murals are rivaled by no other city.

And, their mass transit makes it ridiculously easy…

Peyton Photo by Donna Kos

If you did what everyone told you to do when you traveled, you’d never leave the house

You’re ready to go on a mind blowing adventure.

Everyone you’ve told keeps telling you what you should do and most of all… what you shouldn’t do!

You want to have an amazing trip so you listen and try to sort through everyone’s recommendations.

There are a lot of rules for travel. If you follow every one of them, you’ll probably never leave the house.

I’ve spent 32 months of the last 12 years traveling over 5 continents. There are definitely rules that should NOT be broken, however many are optional!

Use these recommendations to pick what suits your travel…

Queen Victoria Market Photo by Donna Kos

Cool things that will fit into any budget

Melbourne, Australia is on your bucket list.

You’ve been researching all the amazing things to do.

Tours to Philip Island to see the penguins sounds spectacular. The Great Ocean Tour to see the 12 Apostles seems to be quite popular. Hop On and Hop Off buses offer a unique kind of touring you haven’t seen before.

Melbourne is a vibrant city. There is no shortage of things to see or do in Melbourne.

On top of that, the streets are clean and so are the toilets!

But there’s plenty more to see in Melbourne besides these tourist traps. …

Playa Grande, Costa Rica Photo by Donna Kos

Some of These Foods from Around the World Will Help You Decide.

You’ve watched your “I’ll Try Anything” Foodie friend order the most exotic things she can find on a menu.

Your “Fairly Adventurous” Foodie friend will try most things but generally sticks to food she knows and trusts.

Then there’s your “I’m a Chicken” Foodie friend who considers an artichoke a frighteningly, exotic food.

I’ve tried dishes from around the world over the years. Reading about some of these dishes from several continents will give you food for thought.

Now figuring out what kind of Travel Foodie you are will be easy!

Does This Food Make Your Skin Crawl Or Your Mouth Water

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