For me, it started with the impeachment process against Bill Clinton.

I’m very disturbed about people who are voting just to break the system. I see the suffering on people’s faces though, those who have been dispossessed from their jobs and once thriving manufacturing communities. But I can’t help but to think that if Trump is elected, things will get worse. For one thing the uncertainty of a Trump presidency will seriously effect investment markets, and less money in investments will have a very bad impact for everyone in the economy. Clinton on the other hand will raise the minimum wage to 15.00, which could be a huge boon to people in the service industry. There are no easy answers, but Trump’s proposal to give significant tax breaks to the wealthy resulting in higher deficits is another non-starter. Now I know Trump believes the growth in the economy will generate further revenues, but it is a huge gamble, because the fact of the matter is, after the Great Recession and the Feds MADE the too big to fail banks money, they kept it rather then feeding the money back into the economy. The people responsible for creating the problem, were prospering from the tax payers and just being greedy. One of those banks is Wells Fargo, and look at the recent corruption there. Greed is a huge problem, and every American just has to vote for the person who they feel will create opportunities for everyone. For me, Clinton is uniquely qualified and has the knowledge of the system to bring about the positive change. All the best to you all out there with your decision making process.

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