Right DJ, I share your opinion about the general perception of Hillary. I honestly feel that one of the main reasons why people have such a negative opinion about Hillary is due to the non-stop way that she has been made out to be this villain. For instance, the congress spent countless hours and millions of dollars trying to make something out of the Benghazi tragedy. Nothing came out of it, although many of her critics, because of some propaganda film, believe that she ignored the 3 am telephone call, when the truth was she was up all night. And why are people so obsessed with this email server? It seems very minor and there is no indication that these emails created ANY harm to the country. The “confidential” emails were generally known to the public. There are these political footballs that are frankly a waste of time. Now there have been about three revelations this week alone that suggests that Trump has broken the law. Doing business in Cuba which at the time was forbidden by the US government being one of those infractions. As you stated, Clinton’s infractions have been relatively minor, but there is a need to use whatever means there is to discredit Hillary. I must admit, it occurs to me that perhaps Trump does want to help people and that his aims are not selfish but rather altruistic. It is possible, but given his long history promoting his brand and his self-interest, I honestly think it is a dubious proposition at best. If he is elected, we will find out. I’ve enjoyed reading your thoughtful posts DJ.

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