finding a way to draw the characters: doodling :)

The Friday characters: 6 characters from a book, guess who they are

One of the exercises that I really enjoyed during the course of UX/UI design at Codaisseur Design Academy was what concerned the interpretation of some characters in books or stories for children.

This exercise has helped to familiarise with Figma and understand clearly the meaning of the icons and the design of them through simple lines giving a strong character of expression.

Anonymous smile

The first it’s definitely a dog but nobody said that the second was a sheep!

Sheep and dog :/

Dog and sheep

Thanks to the feedback received from my colleague Eli Hughes during one of the design lessons I added a simple line between smiling square and the chin to distinguish faces of the dog and the sheep.

The first idea on Figma

Unusual expression

I love to iterates the drawing and to found the solution to represent what I have in my mind, so, I added one simple line on their faces but the result was a typical face between amazement and speechless!

Smiling with line

Happy faces

Using a squared C as a smile, I saw another interesting expression but not as convincing as the first.

Smiling with square

The Dog, the sheep, two girls, one boy, and a man

My choice has been for the first drawing because with a simple line I gave a strong character of expression as I had in my mind.

The six characters are ready, they are similar but different: the dog has a flask, the sheep has a smile and the 4 human faces have the same face shape with different characteristics: black hair, a black bow, a dark hat, and an extra beard.

So what do you think, did you recognize the characters from “Heidi, the girl from the mountain”?

My choice for the characters of the story