Interesting Space Facts You Probably Don’t Know About

To know more the interesting facts about our solar system and the expanding universe really is an exciting feat. Because of it being that people definitely know little about our universe basically is what makes it interest to dive deeper into the unknown.

So that you will get to learn more about space facts and whatnot, reading along should help and aid you with regards to knowing more about what most people don’t know yet.

Right off the bat, among the things that not every people know about is that a million Earths can actually fit inside the sun. That aside, the sun also is considered to be one of the stars that belong to the average-size stars.

For more than 50 years ago, scientists just think that the Earth is the only planet to have waters until the recent discovery on Mars. Mars actually has a strong evidence of intermittent water passages. Strong pieces of evidence were actually found just recently by NASA, signaling the confirmation of such claim.

Not everyone knows what a comet is composed of as well but back when the solar system was born 4.5 billion years ago, these still have the very components they had back then, which include ice, carbon dioxide, and sand. The lack of solid surface on Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, and Saturn is what makes it impossible for you to jump, unlike Mars and Moon. For more facts and information about Space, go to

It will also take 800 years for a person to reach the Pluto if they are given the chance to go there via an airplane. Yes, it is that far.

There also are garbage in space as well and these most likely are man-made garbage but instead of going somewhere, they are left to orbit the Earth. These garbage actually are estimated to reach about 500,000 pieces already, all of these are just orbiting the Earth. These possible garbage range from a number of pieces, from spanners, satellites, rocket fragment and more, all of which are from the ISS or the International Space Station.

The vast universe really holds up a ton of interesting feat, one of these include having an asteroid enter the Earth’s atmosphere each year but they just burn up before they make an impact since they only have a size of that of a car.

Up to date, the highest mountain we know that sits on an asteroid is tailored as Vesta. The Cool Space Facts that this is 22km in height means that it will need 3 Mount Everests to breakeven such height.

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