I Almost Left Tech Today, Here’s Why
Clémentine Pirlot

Well, it’s really very unfriendly of your colleagues and this could be very offending. But having a bit of work experience in a tech. role myself, I wonder if this was the treatment or behavior of your colleagues, towards you, since the very beginning or did it just happen recently because of some work/performance issues?

You know, in tech teams, often it’s not just about you doing good or bad individually but often it’s the entire team’s performance that‘s put in perspective. Hence what other team members do, can possibly diminish or brighten your outlook. Since, you have already mentioned that your team had a bad sprint review, I presume that something was not working out well in the team. Now, I think I have had been in a similar situation before, and while it’s easy for guys to shout out or directly/harshly confront each other for their pitfalls or shortcomings, but it becomes more tricky with women. You know, you can’t just speak rudely to a girl, like you may speak to another guy and hence people sometimes resort to indirect ways, like the things you have mentioned, to vent out their anger and frustration. Now, I’m not defending or justifying anything but I still think that it’s not the industry or tech. to blame here, but it’s the nature of work which requires a better collaboration than what may already exist between men and women in general. So either we need some formal training for guys on how to behave with females in tech. teams, or maybe we need more female majority tech. teams, as examples, to learn from and follow, so that, next time a female has any issue like yours, she would think of switching teams rather than industry.

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