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Marine ROV Returning to the surface

DBaraty SET Lab Blog Post #3: Develop

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Steven Fink authored an article entitled Don’t Rely on Cute Apps and Games to Teach Coding. Turn to Your Students Instead (Jan 18, 2020,) on that got me thinking about where this SET Lab project is going. …

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How effective are underwater ROV education programs like MATE or Sea Perch at preparing young people for their futures in STEM fields?

Blank stares.

I try to convey to my students the sense of wonder I experienced being at the start of the Personal Computer (PC) revolution, considering how far technology has come in the forty years since seeds took root in three garages leading to HP, Microsoft, and Apple, and a whole new world. I get blank stares.

It is ancient history.

In my class, I can trace the etymology of terms and tech, the seeds of technology we take for granted in our modern devices and applications. Such as how the return key derived from how we had to return the carriage holding a sheet of paper in a typewriter. How shift physically lifted the carriage up so that the upper letter embossed on each metal hammer strikes the paper through an ink-impregnated ribbon, transferring the image of one letter with each key strike. I can show how the little metal tabs on the back of a typewriter stopped the transit of the carriage at the same location each time, allowing the alignment of tables on a sheet of typewriter paper, giving us the terms tabular stop, then tab stop, and now just the tab key. …

Computer Science image with visible Ether!
Computer Science image with visible Ether!

Greetings from the Ether! My name is Damian Baraty and I’m currently a computer science teacher and makerspace coordinator for the Severn School in Severna Park, MD. I’m new to the Severn School, and with that comes learning about a new community, teaching a range of computer science classes, supporting the robotics and cybersecurity competitive teams, and having taught in boarding schools for the last decade, managing with the daily grind of commuting with a car and not just walking to my classroom.

True to the nature of an education scientist, I’m inquisitive, so moving to my ninth state with my fifth private school wasn’t enough of a challenge. I applied and was accepted into the SET Lab program for technology educators. Don’t get me wrong — I really appreciate the opportunity to work with amazing people, and I’ve been so impressed by the other applicants, the experienced mentors, and the program administrators — but it’s more of a matter of timing. Regardless of experience, moving requires learning a ton! Teachers often compare the first year to, well, pick your metaphor or movie or maxim: “drinking from a fire hydrant”, “going Mach 3 with your hair on fire”, “you can sleep when you’re dead”. …

Damian Baraty

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