IHE vs Cool Cat is Finally Over

Ah, this is an interesting one.

Around 2 weeks ago, YouTuber I Hate Everything (IHE) uploaded a video titled Cool Cat Saves The Kids — The Search For The Worst — IHE in which he talked about a movie called Cool Cat Saves the Kids (IMDB), pointed out the flaws of the movie (there are many!), and mocked the movie in general.

This video was a part of a series in which IHE finds the absolute worst movies and talks about them and how bad they are called The Search For The Worst. He then creates another video of him trying to watch the movie. This series is appropriately titled Trying To Watch. One day, the producer of Cool Cat stumbled upon IHE’s videos. He wasn’t much of a fan.

The producer of the Cool Cat movies is a man named Derek Savage. Savage is a film maker and writer. Some of his books include The Devil President and Midnight Stripper. Now, Savage is working mainly in the film department, with movies like Cool Cat Saves The Kids, and an upcoming gun safety movie titled Gun Self-Defense For Women (And Men Too!)

So, after stumbling across IHE’s video, Derek Savage was not happy. He thought that it was complete copyright infringement and took down the video with the power of YouTube’s incredibly broken copyright strike system. IHE was confused on why Derek took down the videos, because his videos in fact were fair use. IHE then made a video talking about the copyright strike.

Savage then started shooting out tweets to his Cool Cat “fans” regarding the IHE situation. IHE sees them, and makes another video regarding what Savage said. Trust me, the tweets ain’t pretty. Here is the video. After that, Savage starts shooting emails towards IHE. He says he can completely get IHE erased off of YouTube, but this time says IHE is forcing his fans to send hate mail to Savage, and that his channel is going to be shut down if he doesn't erase everything Cool Cat related off of his channel and apologize to Savage on YouTube. The emails go on and on as IHE talks about how much lies the emails have and how he thinks his videos should have the strike lifted from them. After days of silence, a new IHE video is made.

Rejoice, rejoice! The strike was lifted.

However, some other fishy business begins to start. IHE talks about how he received an email from a supposed lawyer regarding a movie IHE made a video about called Jurassic Shark. It said that a copyright strike was going to be put on his channel, blah, blah. You get the point. IHE investigated this mater further and found that the lawyer did not actually exist. He also noticed the email was not a business email, it was a Yahoo email (coincidentally, Savage is a fan of Yahoo! email.) IHE now thinks Derek Savage was impersonating a law firm. Then, IHE receives an email from Derek Savage, saying that Derek is removing all copyright strikes, and that he is sorry. the video, listed here, goes into more depth.

We don’t know what changed Mr. Savage’s look on the situation. Was it YouTuber’s YourMovieSucks’ video talking about the situation and explaining why everything was fair use? Did Derek just feel like it was the wrong thing to do? I guess we can never be sure, but I learned one thing from this whole situation. Never mess with Cool Cat. Oh, and this: Study the law before you run and make a hooligan of yourself. That’s some actual advice right there.

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