A style guide for writing on Medium
Quincy Larson

Great post, informative. Might cite applicable standard style manuals.

What is the Oxford Comma?

Hemingway looks decent for an on-line text editor. Will give this a try for some new stuff. Could probably paste longer material into it just as I do to Medium. Word has similar functions if one can figure them out. I use LibreOffice which does not.

Wish Medium would offer more comprehensive formatting, indents, etc. There is a lot of poetry here.

Image accreditation is a big problem on the site and for authors as well. I have seen Google-linked images accredited by their (cryptic) URL. Points me to loads of similar images but does not credit anybody. I wish all these stock-image sites would have at least an option for the credit to be, say on the lower right of the actual image, or give accreditation text to copy and paste here. Some of these images cost a nominal fee but should still be credited.

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