The Moment of Moonlight
Matt Rosen

La-la-land was a very strong film, and extra-ordinary. A completely original musical production, not just taking Miss Andrews and Mister Plummer and plugging into a preexistent success. And (pardon the spoiler), it is not the glorious glowing happy ending either. Best thing I saw this year. Don’t know.

Moonlight is an art film!! about the most visceral, ugly black culture. Surrealistic score including Mozart and Bach. Going back to a lover (and I make no distinction, homo or hetero) that has moved on, the only one who ever touched me. What utter loneliness. Deserved best picture though I might have “enjoyed” Manchester or Arrival more.

Hats off to the Academy that has moved beyond going after the big and flashy (which can actually be the best, but not always) and awards a smaller production that does the real work of art.

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