How Much Did This Guitar Story Cost Me? $2,376.99
Washington Post

Thank you for a great article!

My Gibson J50, from the time when normal folks could still afford Gibsons and even Martins, was long sold. The magnificent Guild jumbo 12-string went when I needed the bread for bread. Would cost by 100x that today.

I still have my Harmony Master, an F-hole bought for $15 at a flea market when I was a kid. Genuinely antique. Both of us. Light gage strings actually made it playable, if quiet.

Found a D’Armond (also from Harmony!) bolt-on pickup, covered with a half inch of dust, at a music store. Electrified the Harmony which still works just fine as an acoustic, if quiet.

My collection of el-cheapo antique wierdos got sold off when I moved to Israel. Used to do a song on each one. No room for all that here. The Harmony and the Appalachian dulcimer hand-made by David Fields (cost me all of $100 at the once Locker’s store by Lincoln Center!), came with me. I have since began gathering the inexpensive and cast-off once again. Fixed up a junque classic guitar, learned how to string it (not the same as that Supro!), am trying classic a bit.

Great for us — the beat goes on.

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