How I Used & Abused My Tesla — What a Tesla looks like after 100,000 Miles, a 48 State Road trip…
Steve Sasman

Thanks for the post.

We in Israel had an electric car startup “The Better Place” which died because of government bureaucracy impeding charging stations, mileage subscription business model — think folks prefer to own everything up front, and internal bickering. I had hoped that those who bought the cars (Renaults, still see them around!) would buy the company and would have gotten on my knees to Elon Musk to buy it. Crying shame.

Hope you are not overconfident with autopilot and keep attention to the road anyway. Do not do work, watch videos, and play with the phone while using this. This is not 100% autonomous and will not be so in the near future, despite your optimism. Want to see you around and kickin’ and singing the praises of Tesla!

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