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In moments of hardship, I’ve always believed the superpower of live theatre serves as a powerful pill for healing. Theatre brings context and understanding in moments we can’t fully comprehend and unites people in our collective humanity.

But in this particular moment of hardship, the superpower of live theatre has met a force I never anticipated facing. It’s name is “social distancing.” It’s as if our superpower has met its kryptonite. And that is a scary proposition.

But I’ve been in this business for almost twenty years and I refuse to believe the superpower of live theatre is defined by the walls that surround us or the stages we stand on. While the power of being “live” and in-person is the cornerstone of our greatness, it is not the defining force of our existence. …

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To our government officials:

On behalf of all small business owners impacted by the COVID-19 virus, we need your help…and not just your money.

I’ve spent a lot of time with business owners on the front lines dealing with the impact of this virus. Everyone I’ve spoken to, regardless of their specific perspective, sees the pain and loss to families and loved ones in our communities. …

I know I’m not alone in my passion for connecting kids to arts and cultural experiences who may not otherwise have access. It’s personal to me because it’s something I wish someone had done for me as a kid — and now I’m actually in a position to make an impact by creating those opportunities for others. It’s the mission of Situation Project — our 501(c)(3) organization that connects underserved NYC public school students with the amazing arts and cultural experiences their city offers.

If you’ve attended an event hosted by Situation, you’ve heard mention of Situation Project. And the reason I always want to promote it is simple — our best ideas have often come from the shared passion and curiosity of others. There are so many people in our network who are already pursuing a similar mission in their communities or who have been wanting to take action but needed some support to get their idea off the ground. …


Damian Bazadona

Founder, Situation (

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