30% of companies conducted AI experiments

10% of companies have succeeded in industrializing AI-based solutions

While on average manufacturers invest between 0.4% and 1% of their turnover in projects involving Artificial Intelligence, the industry, led by players in the Technology, Banking, Healthcare and Automotive industries, remains cautious about integrating AI components into industrial processes, products or services on a larger scale.

  • Difficulties in obtaining quality data to train, maintain the algorithms and be able to deploy the applications at scale;
  • Uncertainty of executives to capture ROI, slowing down decision making;
  • A legal framework that does not address the issue of liability, limiting trust in AI-based systems.

What about an AI granting credit based on biases?

In this regulatory context under construction, developing products and services that meet societal, ethical or technical requirements is a major socio-economic challenge, as is ensuring the right balance between regulation and innovation, taking into account the specifications and existing situation of each industrial sector.

AI use cases considered critical

Nine priority industrial sectors were studied: Aeronautics, Insurance, Automotive, Banking, Electricity and Networks, Railways, Minerals and Metals, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceuticals.



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David BECK

David BECK

David is a former entrepreneur — Teacher — Researcher — Contributor to government publications.