NOIA — Research Report

The Internet

The current foundation of the Internet was established with the idea of many different Internet service providers (ISPs) working together, but at the same time acting independently. By adopting Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) (a routing protocol) these independent ISPs can communicate with each other to move content freely across the Internet. Although somewhat meeting the needs of the current Internet, there are multiple issues within the model.

NOIA: A programmable Internet

IPv6. By using IPv6 NOIA can utilise expanded IP address size, thus permitting hierarchical address allocation to facilitate route aggregation. Adding to this, IPv6’s headers have a simpler format, flow labelling capacities, improved support for extensions and options, and authentication of privacy capabilities.

There Is Tough Competition

If NOIA’s goals sound familiar to you, then you’ve probably heard about one of several projects in this space aiming to achieve something similar. For example, Substratum, Elastos, NKN, and Skycoin all aim to achieve a similar goal. With such lofty goals and strong competition, it is becoming a crowded space that needs serious traction/adoption for it to take off. With other projects establishing their mainnet, nodes, and communities, NOIA has some serious work set out for them to compete in this space. With this in mind, NOIA’s partnerships and community incentives (to run nodes) will definitely help them to hit the ground running. Currently, NOIA has >300 active nodes at any time, with >5,000 registered.

Location of NOIA’s nodes


· Block Crafters Capital
· Blockwater Management
· Invictus
· Gatepool


NOIA has an impressive array of partnerships thus far. We have listed a few notable ones below. We highly recommend visiting NOIA’s website and Medium page to learn more.

e-shelter partnership with NOIA

Token Metrics

NOIA has established a supply of tokens for liquidity via a professional liquidity provider. The purpose of this is to create liquidity and healthy market conditions. The supply of these tokens (5%) will be released over the first five months.

Token release schedule


Unfortunately, NOIA has just published their tokenomics whitepaper. Due to this, we have not had the time to go over this document and integrate all its information. However, after having a quick look over it, boy does it go into much greater detail. This makes me happy to see; it appears that NOIA has given the utility of their token a lot of consideration.


Domas Povilauskas [Co-Founder & CEO]
Domas has a Bachelors Degree in Political Science from Vilnius University. Domas was previously Co-Founder and CEO of Tellq.


There is a lot to consider when it comes to NOIA. It is a project built on lofty goals and big ambitions. Many projects in this space are aiming to achieve the same goal, so competition is tough. With that in mind, one concern we did have was NOIA’s previous advisor Mirza Uddin. However, Mirza appears to no longer be advising NOIA.



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