My friend Tre

I am so glad I got my dog when I did.

For the past four years, I have had a funny little Jack Russel Terrier named Tre. He is a great companion in that he is always glad for the simple things in life. A few things that he gets excited about are, Going for walks in the forest, Getting a little treat like liver pate on a piece of rye bread. Taking a bath after digging up moles in the park, and his very favorite thing of all is, running up the slide at the playground. He has been doing it ever since he was a pup. He got his first glimpse of the kids playing on the slide when I took him to the park. He immediately started pulling me towards the slide and of course because he was so excited, he started to bark. Some of the kids laughed while some of the other children were a little uneasy or frightened by his intense barking. So I thought maybe I will just keep him on the leash while the kids were playing. But he still wanted to run up that slide. My solution was to just go back home with the plan to bring him back the following day. The following day happened to be a school day and that park was completely vacant. Okey Dokey, So now what I did was simple, I walked in line with the big slide but, I was about one hundred feet away. After checking if the coast was clear, I let him go, He took off like a rocket. He hit that big slide so fast that his momentum carried him all the way to the top. He then slid back down and the park has been his favorite place to go ever since.

My Friend Tre, Donald Brant