The internet: procrastination station
Ashton Greenwood

Hello Ashton,

Thank you for your blog post! I enjoyed reading it because as I write this response I am procrastinating on writing a paper for one of my college courses. I agree that the internet is one popular method of procrastination among college students but oddly that not how I procrastinate most of the time. After the 2016 presidential elections, I deleted the Facebook app off my phone. Since then I rarely get distracted by the internet. When I procrastinate, I am usually doing some of my favorite hobbies such as sleeping, cooking, playing with my dogs, or assisting at the animal shelter in Washington D.C. This semester my biggest distractions have been my roommates and my friends out in Baltimore City. Although, when I am hanging out with my friends or roommates the internet is used as a supplement to help encourage conversation. I believe I procrastination on my school work because I have deep fear of failure. Even when the professors tell me I am doing something right for some reason I can only see the errors in my work.

A question that I think would compliment your research about procrastination is, do UMBC students procrastinate on one subject more than another? I wonder if there a specific class or subject that UMBC students procrastinate on as a whole and why is that?

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