Revamping iDisplay

At Shape, we strive to make the tools, which make users happier and more productive. That’s exactly how iDisplay started years ago, giving users for the first time the opportunity to use their iOS devices as secondary screens for their Macs and PCs.

For many months now, we have been busy revamping iDisplay, making it the best app for a true secondary screen for your computer. Firstly we looked at what drove most lagging, and then started improving our code. Making iDisplay fast became our #1 priority.

We worked out a way, to make iDisplay perform at least 4X better compared to the last version — through both WiFi and USB. We also managed to significantly reduce heating, while increasing overall performance. Newer devices now support up to 60fps, with minimal latency — especially through USB. Older devices, including iPad 2/3/4, iPad Air, and Macs 2011 and newer, will all experience much better performance.

Our near term pipeline:
-Release an update to our Android app
-Release an update to our Windows app
-UI / UX improvements
-Optimizations for macOS Sierra 
-Better Apple Pencil support

If you don’t have iDisplay yet, you can get it here.

To help other users discover iDisplay, we would greatly appreciate your App Store review!