Donald Trump grossly misunderstood two exchanges in Monday night’s debate with Hillary Clinton

And he still hasn’t figured it out.

Hillary Clinton admitted that using an offsite email server was “a mistake,” to which Trump fired back “YOU DID IT ON PURPOSE,” sounding more like a five-year-old than a president.

She didn’t mean it was an accident, she was admitting she did something unwise that she now regrets. Mature humans admit their mistakes.

(Never mind that the server in question was installed by the Secret Service for an ex-president’s use, a security standard presumably much higher than that of the popular image of an thrown-together beige box in a hall closet.)

Alicia Machado almost certainly had a contract with the Miss Universe pageant, agreeing to preserve the standards of her appearance (including weight) by which she competed and won.

I do not have experience running a pageant, but I assume there are plenty of ways to help a winner adhere to said contract that do not involve ridiculing her appearance or heritage, or publicly shaming her.

Clinton’s allegations that Donald Trump had called her (Machado) names and made her lose the weight she had gained wasn’t about fat-shaming, though that has become a useful distraction for Clinton. It was about showing that Donald Trump is an asshole — both then and now, given that days later he can’t stop justifying the whole saga.