Adderall Documentary Topic & Description

Adderall usage in schools is one of the most overly prescribed substances, and overly used drug illegally by undergraduates. I wanted this documentary to explain what adderall is? Why is it prescribed to students? Do a lot of people take it, and why do they take it? Why would someone take it illegally, and how do they get it?

I also wanted to go more in-depth about the side effects, and other issues surrounding its usage. As many of my friends are prescribed, I thought i could ask them a few questions about what they feel when they take it, and what they do like and don’t like about the drug. I also asked them about usage at The University of Georgia, and in Athens as well, because i believe it to be a huge problem, and abused by many students here.

Finally i wanted to go into the different legal issues with the prescription pill. Adderall is a Scheduled II Substance, making it highly illegal to buy, sell, or take the pill without a prescription. The problem is, that many students still take it illegally and don’t see any of the issues with doing so. Because they use it for studying, they don’t see it as a big deal at all. Looking more into this topic, i was able to find out some interesting opinions from my peers,

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