Adderall — Sources

Works Cited

Barnett, Candace. “Adderall — Candy for College Students.” Candace Barnett. N.p., 11 Nov. 2011. Web. <>.

Candace Barrett created an interesting documentary/video about Adderall herself in this YouTube video, “Adderall — Candy for College Students.” Adderall is the real topic of my documentary, so that is what I needed to research beforehand. I wanted to figure out some facts about the drug and its use in colleges. I also really wanted to look up about comedowns and side effects. I knew from talking to my friends that this is common amongst those prescribed, and those who take it illegally as well. I happened to use a few quotes from this video in my documentary.“When that person begins to come down from the drug they experience harsh side effects that worsen with every does.” I also found out about undergraduates who take the drug illegally, and used this quote as well, “Of undergraduates that are taking stimulant medication under the direction of their doctor, more than half (54%) have been asked to trade, sell or give away their medication in the past year.” Finally I found out an interesting fact about those who take it in college versus those not attending school. I thought it was very interesting that, “Among people aged 18 to 22 years of age, full-time college students are TWICE AS LIKELY to use a stimulant for non-medical reasons in the past year compared to those who are not in college.”

Fisher, Don. “Study Shows a Rise in Adderall Use Among Young Adults, College Students” Missoula News Stories. Kpax, 18 Mar. 2016. Web. <>.

“Study Shows a Rise in Adderall Use Among Young Adults, College Students,” is an article published on the Kpax website regarding a recent Johns Hopkins study that shows a rise in Adderall use among young adults. The study says Adderall use is increasingly popular in college students, as they use the medication to help them focus, typically without a prescription. The study says “during a six year study period, non-medical use of Adderall rose 67%.” It also speaks of other studies, which show how adderall also increases the risk for mental health problems. “Aside from the physical affects, Missoula Police Sergeant Travis Welsh says the legal consequences can also be severe.”

Greer & Friends, Evan . “Evan Greer & Friends — Adderall Song.” LogicStance. N.p., 16 Feb. 2012. Web. <>.

This is another song called, “Adderall Song,” it was written by Evan Greer and Friends. This is another song posted on YouTube that explains why children are prescribed adderall, and some of the other side effects that surround its usage. It explains to “Mrs. Greer,” that “your son has got adhd 
and the doctors say he needs 30 milligrams of amphetamines. one to focus me at school help me follow all the rules, one to help me through my day.” I thought again that this would be some great background music for my documentary.

Lages, Jaclyn. “Adderall: the Risky “Study Buddy”. The Loquiter, 6 April 2016. Web.<>.

Another article that was extremely informative was, “Adderall: the Risky ‘Study Buddy.”’ Written by Lages Jaclyn for the Loquiter online paper, it describes how, “on college campuses, students use Adderall as a ‘quick fixer’ when it comes to studying, but that’s not why this stimulant was developed or why it’s prescribed.” In my video I used the information in this article to describe What adderall actually was, and what it was made of — Adderall “contains a combination of Amphetamine and Dextroamphetamine.” Amphetamine and Dextroamphetamine are “central nervous system stimulants that affect chemicals in the brain and nerves that contribute to hyperactivity and impulse control.” I’m really glad i was able to find this article, because it talks about almost all the issues surround article, and much about the legal issues as well. I used quotes like, “Non-prescribed students use this drug for various purposes, but they disregard that it is illegal to take a controlled substance without a prescription,” in my video to explain how careless some students can be about committing this serious crime. “Experts are worried about this increasing behavior of using a Schedule II Substance without a prescription. The Drug Enforcement Administration refers to a Schedule II Substance as a chemical or substance with high potential for abuse.” Raising awareness throughout college campuses of the dangers of misusing ADHD medications is important. Students must remember that even though taking Adderall, for whatever purpose, seems to be normal amongst peers, there are so many potential dangers and risks that go along with using the prescription pill.

Smith, Brian. “The Adderall Song.” Brian Smith Rocks. N.p., 31 Aug. 2012. Web. <>.

Meet self-proclaimed “Rock Comedian” Brian Smith, an Indiana University graduate, who created “The Adderall Song” and posted it on YouTube. Smith is slowly gaining a following around college campuses as the go-to promoter of individualized college life, as he creates humorous videos featuring videos regarding college students love for drugs, alcohol, clubs, etc. This song was a perfect background sound for my documentary, because of the lyrics. The beginning of the song includes the lyrics, “If studying is the problem then I just found the answer. I take a little orange pill and my work gets done much faster. 10mg is enough to make me feel like I am an Einstein. You make my heart feel like asteroid but I’ll be fine.” This is a perfect example of why kids take it and how they think it is okay to do so. The chorus than says, “Adderall. Every collage kids wet dream. You help get straight A’s in school when I didn’t learn a thing. Adderall. What would I done without you? Many time releasing powers when I have so much shit to do.” This really goes along with how people feel like they can’t do anything without adderall — they feel they just need it to study or do anything. Some of the side effects are explained in the next verse, “It will help you focus, you feel a little jittery. But I use Adderall when I need to make some money Just sell them to your friend, who lacks so much for cash.”