Today i start my life, it has really taken me a really long time to decide if i really want too immerse myself in deep learning and this evening i just know that its what i must do.

I have been in MEST for 5 weeks still unsure of the path because in-front lies a $50,000 reward for investment and i might get caught up with searching for knowledge and not have time to properly immense myself.

I take that bold step today to say to knowledge i am ready to immerse fully, and i know that i would reclaim every due reward. this is my first voluntary post on medium and it definitely wont be the last.

I stand for Knowledge, i will achieve it all because alone i can only go so far but with a great wealth of knowledge in person of fellow EIT’s MINC buddies and Fellows.

It is just the beginning, i am ready to connect my dots…..

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