Ugly Love

Love is the most wonderful feeling. Without love, life is incomplete. Hell, love is life. I am sure not one person in this world would tell me that they haven’t heard or read or even said these statements. I do not disagree with them but somewhere in my mind I find the statement an exaggeration of truth.

Love is universal and like anything it can be good or bad, pretty or ugly. You can be the lucky one who found their love in school, been friends forever, and spend your life happily together. However, there is a side of love which makes people get goosebumps in a bad way.

I am blessed to have never encountered any of these but the fact that I read about it everyday in news or while people talk just makes me realize how real these issues are. All of these horrible things are justified by people in the name of love.

  • They love their God, religion and beliefs but they fail to love people just like them.
Their love only causes hurt
  • I always wondered why he was so caring towards a disabled old man. I loved him as my son but he loved me for my kidneys. If only he waited till I died.
Life span of organs for a living body is higher than from deceased
  • He was the love of my life and we got married with everyone’s blessing. Only the next day I came to know, he sold me to the highest bidder.
Human trafficking happens by kidnapping, marriage and others
  • Every time he walked in the room, he made love to me against my wishes. That is ugly love.
Marital rape — 1 in 5 men admit to force their wives for sex
  • Everyday she used me, not for my money but for my emotions. We both loved each other only for different reasons.
Beware of the heartless who make your heart beat quickly. They are just using your heart as their won’t start
  • He told me I was the most beautiful girl he ever met. Then he splashed acid on my face. He said, “Now, no one will love you like I do”.
  • My family loved me and I was in love with a girl. We belonged to different religions. They loved their pride. Their love killed our love and called it ‘honor killing’.
People love honor and they kill love
  • My step-father called me his princess and got me chocolates. However, he would only give me chocolates in the night in his room. He loved me like his daughter and his wife.
Child abuse leaves them scarred for life
  • I birthed a healthy beautiful baby girl only to have her die at hands of her own father. He loved her till he found out the baby was a girl.
Men love women but kill their unborn baby girl

So many instances of this sort, we have heard or read of. Not everyone has endured it but they do happen. Closing your eyes or turning a deaf ear only hides this bitter truth under layers of love stories which only describe the rosy picture.

Some may think this is ‘cynical’ me. However, these issues are as real as the beautiful love stories are. As every coin have two sides, this is the ugly, selfish and bad side of love.

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