Standalone microphone for a budding streamer or a podcaster.

Hyperx QuadCast
Hyperx QuadCast

Game streaming and podcasting has gained some steam in the last few years. Newcomers are trying their hand at it and while it is not feasible for them to invest in a dedicated setup right away, HyperX’s maiden standalone microphone looks to be a good first step for the budding game streamers and podcasters.

HyperX QuadCast is a well-designed product. Clad in a combination of HyperX’s signature colours of black and red, the circular mic with a mesh grille looks good and professional. The top of the QuadCast features a touch-sensitive mute button whereas the bottom features a knob for the mic gain. There’s even a handy knob to adjust between four polar patterns and a 3.5mm headphone jack along with miniUSB port on the other side. While going with the miniUSB instead of microUSB or Type-C is a little disappointing, the cable is sturdy and long. It comes attached to a desktop stand and an anti-vibration shock mount but if you prefer to attach to mic stands and boom arms, HyperX also bundles mount adapter that fits both 3/8” and 5/8” thread sizes.

The plug-and-play nature of the QuadCast is what we like. Just connect it to a compatible device like a PC, PS4 or a Mac and you’re set to use the mic right away. No drivers or software to install. The illuminated mic signifies mic’s mute status, which is a nice and clear to avoid embarrassment saying it live in front of viewers. However, we would have liked it more if HyperX allowed light customisation.

In terms of performance, the QuadCast delivers what it promises to do. It does a good job at recording and doesn’t require any pop filter because the device comes integrated with it. Moreover, the four polar patterns support stereo, omnidirectional, cardioid and bidirectional, enabling the user to use QuadCast for single-person commentary, and multi-people conversations. The mic has even gained certification from Discord and TeamSpeak.

It is easy-to-use which is perfect for someone who is fiddling with the concept of streaming or podcasting.

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